I don’t even need you to tell me, I know it’s intimidating and probably caused a sigh of frustration rather than an exciting cheer. Choosing a venue is one of the first steps in planning your wedding but also a source of stress. Which is right for you? Where are the best St. Louis wedding venues? 

It’s Up to You: Choosing the Venue

I don’t mean to sound dramatic but the venue says a lot about who you are and sets the tone for your day. 

Are you a rustic girlie looking for a white barn aesthetic? Maybe some goats running around nearby? Is your day elegant and classic? Do you want warm, cozy vibes or are you looking to have a clean, fresh feel? 

There are many choices to be made. Location and price are just two, and two that I won’t be focusing on here. Today we’re focused on the venues’ emotion, beauty, and vibe and why they’re my favorite to shoot at (or shoot at in the future!)



My first wedding at this location was circa 2020. And to this day, one of my top 10 weddings. It offers such a classic and vintage backdrop to your day. And who doesn’t like a little historic moment? This place will make you feel like you’re marrying a powerful person. My signature pose “The Presidential Shot” was born here.

Most weddings are set up to be outside, with chairs on the lawn facing the side of the house. The brick in the front is perfect for wedding party photos and the green door is the dreamiest spot to place the bride and groom. This location offers beautiful scenery and backdrops all around, a bad shot couldn’t be taken here if I tried. 

Piper Palm House

Getting married anywhere in Tower Grove Park would be an absolute dream day. There are so many locations to choose from for the ceremony, venue, and shooting locations. This venue offers multiple avenues of how your wedding will look and feel - classy and elegant, fresh and modern, or boho and hip. 

The building offers great lighting and beautiful backdrops. Ceremonies come in two-hour windows and they offer setup and ceremony coordination. The big thing here is that you have the whole park open to you to take amazing photos. 

Silver Oaks

Silver Oaks has a warm feel to it. And it doesn’t fit under exactly one aesthetic. This venue can offer either a rustic feel or the feeling that you’re stepping onto a property in Tuscany. I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time here and it’s such a treat. The patio and fireplace are great places to either have your ceremony or be a cocktail hour designation. The bridal and groom suites are chef’s kiss too. It’s a spacious property with many places to shoot and explore. 

There are multiple areas you can have your ceremony set up and the Chateau offers a beautiful place to sleep the night before or after your wedding. 

The Jewel Box

I wouldn’t call this a hidden gem. It’s very well known and books up years in advance. However, it’s still a gem (it’s literally in the name). This St. Louis Wedding Venue will always be a top-tier place to get married. Who wouldn’t want to get married at Forest Park? 

As I said, the waitlist is long. But getting married in a historical building, surrounded by plants, and then walk out to a specially curated pond afterward? Yes, please. 

History Museum

The History Museum might seem like an unlikely option. It offers the same aesthetic as the Jewel Box. It’s a great option if you want classy, or you’re into history or if you want to be the talk of the town. I can see it now: “Did you hear Alice got married at the History Museum, isn’t that so cool?” 

As you walk through the entrance, there’s an open area that offers a great place for where you’re guests will sit. There’s plenty of room for moving around, the head table, the catering tables, and a dessert table (thank goodness). It really is a beautiful place and you can’t go wrong in choosing this St. Louis wedding venue. 

The Noble

The Noble hasn’t been on my radar for very long. I heard about this St. Louis wedding venue through a potential bride and when I looked it up, my jaw dropped. The white and gold trim is gorgeous and can we talk about that safe in the front of the room?? I mean, c’mon. 

I’ve seen so many styles work in this space. Edgy, boho, super elegant. This space is really what you make of it and I wouldn’t say that about everywhere. Some places definitely have a set style but this one can mold to what you want. 

Union Station 

If you live in St. Louis, you know of Union Station–but have you considered having your wedding here? There are 5-6 areas you can actually have your wedding, whether that be the ceremony or the reception. 

It offers a similar style to many of the others on this list. I would call it historical and perfect for an elegant, timeless, or clean-feeling wedding. However, since there are so many areas (one of them being the aquarium!!) you can make it what you want and manipulate the space to be exactly what you want it to be. The aquarium is one of the spaces which offers such a fun and colorful opportunity. 

The Artisan at Baetje Farms

The Artisan is more unique than your run-of-the-mill “white barn rustic” venue. For one, it feels more modern than that and you could definitely decorate the space to become whatever vibe you want. And, do you recall the beginning of this blog when I mentioned goats? Well, here they are. The goats are cute, like actually. And it’s a cute photo op for you and your wedding party. 

One thing that this venue offers that I’m obsessed with? The guest houses (think tiny homes) make up a little community behind the venue. They are modern, and clean, and will feel like you’re on a vacation staying in an Airbnb. I’ve seen these cottages be designated as the groom's suite and it’s such a good idea. There’s not a single square foot here that will make a photo bad. Everything is extremely nice and pretty to look at. The grounds around the venue are also great options for photos. 

Pebble Creek Farm

This venue is pretty cool. It definitely fits into the “white barn rustic” wedding category but it offers more than that. There are at least four great outside areas that are spectacular for photos. They have a pond, a waterfall feature, a sprawling field, and a cultivated garden. The bridal suite is so cool and was definitely my childhood dream for my room (I’m referring to the canopy beds that all had us little girls obsessed.) 

It’s a beautiful venue for getting married outside. They also offer cottages, great for you or your family to stay in. You can’t go wrong with choosing a venue that you can also stay the night at.

Let’s Wrap Up This Talk About St. Louis Wedding Venues and Talk About YOU

Whatever venue you choose is the perfect one because you chose it. And pro tip, I can make any space work (and I’ve made some questionable spaces work before.) These are all great options and being at any of these is a dream and a blessing. 

Your wedding day is about the love you share with your partner and another page in your forever love story. The venue doesn’t change that. So when choosing a venue and making these decisions, don’t sweat it. I know you still will but take a deep breath and remember it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. You’re doing great. You’re great. 

Let’s talk venues and wedding photography, baby!